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  • 1/2" Evergreen Fire Glass - Contemporary Furniture Stores San Diego
    • 1/2" Evergreen Fire Glass - Contemporary Furniture Stores San Diego

    American Fireglass

    1/2" Evergreen Fire Glass


    1/2" Evergreen Fire Glass is not just beautiful with its vibrant color, but it is also safe and clean to use. This glass will not melt, degrade or emit toxic fumes. There is also no soot, ash, or smoke. Neither will it crack, scratch or pop. 1/2" Evergreen Fire Glass is doubtlessly the best media to have in your home or business and to add to your fire feature. Enhance the life and vibrancy of your fire feature by adding fire glass!


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    • Fireplace compatible
    • Fire pit compatible
    • Becomes more radiant with heat
    • Easy to clean
    • Lifetime warranty

    1/2" Evergreen Fire Glass is specially made to add color and character to any gas fire feature. With its vibrant, luminous blue/green color this glass is truly beautiful. Make your home or business stand out above the rest with our 1/2" Evergreen Fire Glass.

    This is not your typical broken glass, this glass is polished and tumbled to get rid of any sharp edges. It is also tempered and filtered for long heat consumption. This glass is made with a special process which allows the glass to last a lifetime.